Grow your business with the help of technologies

Reach the students

How many enquiries did your last newspaper advertisement yield? Were they relevant prospects? Traditional ways of advertisement are too expensive and make it hard to reach the target students for your batches. Reach out to a large number of students via electronic medium using our platform.

Advertise batches

Promote your upcoming batches using our platform. Plan batch specific campaigns and promotions using our partner dashboard. No more offline marketing for each batch! You can run last minute deals for your prospects to make sure you make the most ROI on each batch.

Student appointment

Coordinating a large number of interested prospect students can be very difficult sometimes. Manage time slots using our partner dashboard and let students know when a meeting is most opportune. You can plan your day better and focus on higher value activities for your business.

Manage students

Does your administrator spend large amounts of time searching phone numbers in diaries and spreadsheets? Our partner dashboard makes it easy to find/communicate and follow up with prospective, existing, and past students.

Online course booking

Do you run multiple courses at the same time? Does your staff have a hard time getting students enrolled in a timely manner? Avoid all hassles around appointments, let students book your batches online using our platform!

Reviews and ratings

Build your value by letting others speak about your institute. This way you build a long term name for your business in your community. Make it easier to receive accurate reviews by admistering student-friendly surveys.

Our Partner Dashboard

We built our partner dashboard from the ground up in collaboration with our first partners to ensure an intuitive and responsive user experience. It only takes a few easy steps to set up the information for an online profile that showcases your institute and expertise. When this is done, you can immediately start promoting your batches to thousands of prospect students that use our search engine in their quest for quality classes.

Still having doubts?

How can Krackzee help my business?

We met with a lot of institute owners and discovered that they spend a lot of money in print media advertisement while getting little to no value in return. We created this platform to help institute owners reach out to a community of students and parents that are active online and on social media. We are passionate about providing a service that helps you promote your experience and batches online.

How will the students find my batches?

Our conversations with students indicated that they are having a hard time finding the right institutes and batches because the information is scattered. They wanted an option to easily compare all batch information in their area. We developed our batch search engine to solve that problem. Our solution works by displaying all available batches in a radius of the student's location.

How does Krackzee help Institutes grow fast?

When institutes enter their information in our partner dashboard, we automatically make an online profile and batch pages for them. These webpages are responsive and have been optimized for SEO. They are designed to rank high in Google searches. Next to that, we provide them with guides to social media marketing and are working on a system that allows them to promote their batches by offering discounts to students that use our platform.

How does the review and rating system work?

We will only allow students to review and rate batches after they have been enrolled in them. We will provide our partners with tools to conduct surveys after a batch is completed. These surveys will be part of the rating system and can be made accessible to prospect students. We are continuously working on better algorithms as we expand our application and modules.